Fall…Celebrating Change

Where have I been since last I posted? Well, amazingly enough, I’ve been to London and Paris.  And with a local gallery owner as I begin art lessons. (Also to “hellish” and back and secure again, a bit better for the wear. But that’s another story.)

Autumn in Illinois is breathtaking, life-stopping, picture-snapping as God shows us this season’s special light show. The leaves on the trees, which Light assures are never ever the same color even when “green”, are now featured in a beautiful demonstration of how change is beautiful.

I am enjoying being me right now, free of the incessant questioning of my own existence…Why?, Why?, Why? has become Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Want to see a couple of my art pieces? Thanks for saying “Yes!”

Love, Me

As Promised……

Awhile back a friend and I sat down with our “craft” supplies, a dozen Dick Blick discounted blank white cardboard masks, and a free evening. Pictured here are the apparent results. Not seen are the conversation, the silliness, the secrets revealed, the relationship nurtured.

And then there was this realization that for too many of us the absence of quilting circles, the Red Tent, evenings before the fireplace, the multi-generational interactions between women witty and wise, compassion and incisive, and essential to our being has left a gaping hole in our being.

Women must play together to be whole. Women must display their many faces to one another to truly know their own individual richness.

As promised, here are the masks that helped start this quiet little trickle of creative desire within me.  Perhaps they tell a little of an unfolding story.

All Who Wander Are Not Lost………

Creativity, creating, is a reoccurring theme in my life right now. I have never been willing to pursue crafts as the learning curve rubs against my perfectionism and results in destructive self talk. But lately  I cannot ignore the re-occurring urge to draw, take photos, write, create something mistakes and all. We are traveling but when we return I’ll post some photos of fledgling efforts….nods to that urge….that began with bookmarks and masks.

For now I am taken with the simplicity of design in the Native American art that we are seeing on this month long journey to and through the Southwest.  Amazed at the beauty and surprised at how difficult it is to create oneself.

Onward! And my spirit responds …..oh, yes!

Hello world!

In two days I start a new decade, child of the 60s turning 60…. just a couple of months after moving into our last home until “the Home”.  For self preservation, I have learned and practiced the art of starting my day over.  Now I am seeking a new perspective, not only on the day when needed, but on the remainder of my life.  Learning to start my life over…renewing of the mind et. al.